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5 Best fruits for people with Diabetes – Diabetes Management

When it comes to Diabetes Management, making the right decision on fruits is very important to keep the blood sugar level within a controllable range.

These articles focus on fruits with a glycemic index of less than 45 unlike a range of 55 which is considered good for a “normal” person. Glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how quickly foods containing carbohydrates influence blood sugar once eaten.

Fruits that have a low glycemic index will not cause a significant spike in blood sugar and it is always wise to go for fruits with edible skin because the fibre in fruits is what helps control the sugar level.

It is important for diabetic people to note that despite the insulin challenges, their bodies too need energy from the carbohydrates. Carbohydrates do not cause diabetes but the choices of carbs and amount consumed are what influences the blood sugar levels.

A diabetic person can be able to satisfy a sweet tooth with the right choices of fruits.

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Best fruits for Diabetes Management


Apples have a glycemic index of 39 making them a good choice when it comes to controlling blood sugar.

Their skins are also edible, meaning they are packed with lots of fibre essential in glucose metabolism.


They are healthier when eaten with their peel on.

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They contain a glycemic index of 42 safer for most diabetic persons.

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Berries are the best choices for most diabetic patients due to their low glycemic index. Blackberries have a GI of 25 making them even more suitable for diabetics.

Strawberries have a GI of 41. All berries are safe and a good choice when one is looking for fruits to control blood sugar levels.


They are packed with healthy fibre for glucose metabolism.

They have a glycemic index of 40

Horned melon

They contain a low glycemic index, meaning it doesn't cause a significant spike in blood sugar after you eat it.

It is also wiser to eat your fruits 30 min before meals to help in blood sugar control.